Membership to HR Sangam gives you an amazing opportunity to be associated with us beyond just an event. To our members, it is part of their professional journey. A membership solemnises your urge to enrich yourself and connect with fellow practitioners in Human Resources. We take your needs seriously. But before that, take a moment to answer these questions


Do you read at least one book a year?

Do you read an article a month?

Attend at least one training programme a year?

Discuss recent topics or trends in HR with your colleagues and/or counterparts?

Watch motivational videos of influencers?

Take the development areas from your appraisal seriously?

If you answer is YES!! to at least two of the above questions, you have a learning appetite. You will justify your decision to be a part of us.

Membership Benefits

As a member, the benefits are far more intangible than it appears

Access Monthly Meeting 60 px

Get free access to monthly meetings

Priority Booking 60px

Priority booking during mega conferences

Discounts 60 px

Discounts at all major events of HR Sangam

Network 60 px

Window to mingle with a wide range of HR professionals from your city

Reports 60px

Access survey reports and industry trends

Panel 60px

Seek guidance from our panel of experts anytime

A wholesome offering….

At HR Sangam, membership also makes the responsibility mutual. We believe in growing together. Members are invited to contribute articles, resources, participate in our various events actively and introduce more like minded people to the experience of HR Sangam. Remember, the journey is to be undertaken together!


And in case you haven’t answered YES to any of the questions, don’t worry. You can still make a beginning by registering for our next event. Earning stops when you retire, learning never stops!

  • Others
    INR1800 /Year
      Perfect for Non HR Professionals
  • Students
    INR590 /Year
      Perfect for Students  

Longterm Membership

  • Students
  • Others
  • Institutional Membership
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  • Corporate Memberships
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